SubHero Productions is Adam Markiewicz.

Adam drew his first comic book, “Ad-Man #1” when he was 10, probably when he should’ve been doing his math homework. Adam continued to write and draw his own comics in his youth, culminating in a what became a controversial final high school art project, “Zombies Attack III.” After attending The Joe Kubert School For Cartoon And Graphic Art, Adam got his start in comics as the letterer for “Smuggling Spirits,” a graphic novel written by Ben Fisher and illustrated by Mike Henderson.

Adam has since worked for the likes of Studio-407 and Paper Street Comics, for whom he illustrated the first issue of “Careful…” He also wrote and illustrated the short comic “Casual Fridays” for Domai.com.

In 2011, Adam founded SubHero Productions, an independent comics publisher dedicated to providing readers with comics that offer an alternative to the usual superhero slugfest.

In early 2012, Adam launched the webcomic Trench Coat Samurai, later released through comiXology Submit. The short series featured story edits by Rob Harrington and Ben Dale, with color assists by Thomas Boatwright and Melanie Darling. In 2014, Adam began work on a new graphic serial titled 7 Cast Aways for Innovative Creations Magazine, once again with Melanie Darling as his color assistant.

Adam is developing about 87 different comic stories, two of which may actually see the light of day. He has also recently branched out into storyboarding and illustrative work for film.

Irregular updates and articles are featured on Adam’s Tumblr.

Contact: admancomics@yahoo.com

Follow Adam on Twitter: @AdManComics